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Nawada district 
is one of the thirty-eight district of Bihar State and Nawada town is the administrative headquarters of this district. It occupies an area of 2,494 square kilometers (963 sq mi) and is located at 24.88N 85.53E.  Headquarters  town of the subdivision of the same name, lying on both sides of the river Khuri in 24 53 N and 85 33 E. population (1901) 5,908.The name is a corrupt-ion of Nau-abad or the new town. It is divided  into  two  blocks by the river, the Portion o n the left bank being the older, while that on right bank is modern and Contains public offices, sub-jail, dispensary and school. Since the opening of The South Bihar Railway, on which it is a station, Nawada has been growing into an important trade centre. Two miles to the north there is a handsome Jain temple standing in the middle of a large tank to the west of the public road, but town itself contains no important buildings and has but little historical interest. 
         Before its acquisition by the East India Company, it was ruled by the nearly independent Rajas of Hisua, and  after  its  acquisition it was the center of great disorder till 1845, when it became the headquarters of the newly created subdivision. The elements of disorder came to the front again during the Mutiny, when Nawada was overrun by marauding parties. The local offices were destroyed, but the Government record was saved by the native officials who hide them in a cave in a neighboring hill.
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Total Area

2492 Km2


Govt. Body

Nawada  Municipality




Total Population 2011





Administrative Division




890 Km2



Hindi, Urdu, Magahi





59.76 %


LokSabha Constituency


Major Highway

 NH31, NH 82


Sex Ratio



Assembly Seats

Nawada, Hisua, Warsaliganj, Govindpur, Rajauli