Geography and history are co-related that is why Gurudev Rabindra has rightly said geography is stage and history is drama. Hence it is very essential to know the history of a country invites the knowledge of geography. Here a glimpse of glorious historical and cultural history of nawada and its geographical strategy is countable. Nawada situated in the lap of magadh section of division enjoys its glorious past with historical imminence. King vahydrath had founded the magadh empire. Where so many dynasties like vahydrath, Morya, Kanah,Gupta, palking etc. King ruled over so many the then states of middle and North India.

The might king Jarasandh Who's birthplace was Tappoban and who bought with great Pandav Bhim who was the champion among the king of the time. The history bears the testimony that Bhim has visited Pakardia village. Which is three miles away from the head quarters, Nawada. The place Sitamarhi situated in the lap of Nawada was blessed when Sita Jee made it her above in her exile and gave birth to Lava . The village Barat was the abode of great epic maker Balmiki. In the southern side of Rajauli sub-division of Nawada, Sapt-rishi had made the place for their abode. Great Lord Budha and Lord Mahavir who are regarded, as the first lights of Asia loved this place very much.

The king Bimbisar was one of the most beloved disciples. Truly every inch of this place is the witness that lord Budha and Lord Mahvir gave first priority to offer their mission to this place. The historical sermon of lord Buddha was reveled for the first time here. The village Dariyapur Parvati in the Nawada District situated six miles north of Warisaliganj .

There are ruins and relic of Kapotika Bodh Bihar . In the centre stands a famous temple of Avalokiteshwer. King Aditaysen founded the historical monuments in the village Apsar that is visible even today. Kurkihar enjoyed its esteemed glory in the Pal dynasty. It is about three miles North East away from Warisaliganj.

Which is a small town of Nawada. In 1857 the heroes of the time had captured Nawada and paved the way for freedom. Famous "Sarvoday Asharam " is in the district of Nawada. This Asharam inaugurated by Desh Ratana Dr. Rajedra Prasad and nourished by Shree Jai Prakash Narayan has enhanced the glory of Nawada. It is situated one and half miles away from Kawakole Police station at Village Sekhodewra .

The site of the asharam is beautiful with the background of hills there are also each hills. If ones stand against the highest of the hillocks and shouts, the voice is echoed book in the same very district and human like tone. In the helm of music Nawada contribution is worth mentioning rising from Thumari to Dhrupad many great musician have raised by the glory of Nawada. Padma Bhushan Prasad, Siyaram Tiwary was the master of Dhrupad and Thumari belonged to Nawada.

Nawada is a beautiful and important place in the state of Bihar. Before coming into existence as a new district, Nawada was a Part within Gaya District. Historians established on the basis of analysis of evidences, that this place was a reputed religious center for the Hindus in the period of Pal. The ruler of that time was fond of making Temples and other religious spots. It is one of the reasons that there are so many temples and other religious places within this region.

Some significant temples and religious spots within the district are Sobhnath, Sankat Mochan, Gonawa Jal Mandir, etc. Nawada is bounded by Gaya, Sheikhpura, Biharsharif and Jamui .